50 States Cricut Cartridge

50 States Cricut Cartridge



The 50 States Cricut Cartridge, originally aimed at teachers and schools is really more widely useful for parents (and others) as well.

The cartridge is a very focused cartridge and does its single job very well.

The cartridge is broken down into the 50 States and for each there is the appropriate selection of phrases and images to choose from.

The Cricut 50 States Cartridge is actually used widely in the classroom, to not only make up wall charts to teach children the US States, but also as practical exercises for them to get involved in and (hopefully) remember more of the States in the longer term

Obviously, this activity is entirely suitable for the home environment and would make a really good “bonding” and learning activity with your kids.

I actually find that I use a lot of the simple to locate and cut images for any sports related items that I make which just shows that with a bit of imagination, how much more value you can get out of this Classmate cartridge.


Images and Phrases

As you can probably guess, there are 50 different image “pages” in the cartridge’s booklet.

Each of the specific State’s pages has the outline of the actual State, the phrase for the State and the phrase cut out for the Capital of the State, the related flag for the State and also the State’s specific flower.

The flower and birds were in themselves a learning opportunity for me, as I really didn’t know which ones were specifically associated with which State, but I am sure that if this fun way of learning had been around in my time, I would have known them all!

The actual images are well designed and really in a style that would suit a wide variety of different projects and creative items.


Project Ideas and Inspiration

50 States Cricut Cartridge Project Idea 1

Cricut 50 States Cartridge Project Idea 2

Cricut Cartridge 50 States Project Idea 3

50 States Cricut Cartridge Project Idea 4

Cricut 50 States Cartridge Project Idea 5


Creative Features

The Cricut Cartridge 50 States comes with six creative features:

  • Bird
  • Capital
  • Flag
  • Flower Shadow
  • Shadow
  • Flower


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