A Child’s Year Cricut Cartridge

A Child's Year Cricut Cartridge



Instead of calling this cartridge “A Child's Year Cricut cartridge”, I think it would be more accurate to call it “A Child’s Life” cartridge.

It really contains a storybook of images that span a child’s life from the early years onwards and includes all of those everyday events and occasions that children progress through.

The style of the images are in an almost Victorian looking silhouette style and for some, this may not be very popular, but the actual designs that are so well suited to this style turn out looking so unique and pleasantly different.

If you are one of the many out there that like to keep a track of your child’s life time events and growing up by making a constant stream of things, then you are going to find this cartridge so useful, so inspiring and so time saving as a one stop solution for all of those childhood memory items.

Oh yes, it also contains corresponding gift tags and cards for each of the images…an unexpected free bonus.



Each page of the Cricut cartridge A Child’s Year manual displays what is contained on the cartridge so well.

Each page shows you the main child image and also guides you to the associated cut outs, whether they be the associated elements to add to the main image, a gift tag, a card or a similarly styled font.

I am glad that the manual is organized in this way, as most of the time I have in mind a specific child occasion that I want to create something for, but I am just looking for the appropriate set of images and a little bit of inspiration as well!

It is easy to quickly flick through the cartridge contents and spot the perfect set of images that matches the idea that you have in your head.


Creative Features

There are six creative features included with this cartridge:

  • Icon
  • Monogram
  • Tag
  • Card
  • Font
  • Shadow


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