I’m a busy mom and to be quite honest with you, I have developed somewhat of a Cricut crafting addiction over the years.

When I first started….many years ago, I used to pay really high prices for the Cartridges that I bought, now that I look back.

I (well my husband!) used to limit my obsession to just a couple of Cartridges a month, which was just not enough to stretch my variety of creativity.

I basically NEEDED more cartridges to buy!

I figured out that the only way that I could actually “get” more was to either win some Cricut Cartridges free or get them cheaper by finding a supply of Cricut Cartridges on sale.

I entered all sorts of free giveaways and even got myself a spanking new Facebook account to “Like” stuff so that I could enter the weekly freebie giveaways.

I never won ANYTHING!

I did a LOT of shopping around Online and discovered that there are just so many places that sell cheap Cricut Cartridges for a LOT less than I usually pay in the non-Online stores that I had been used to buying my latest Cartridges from, that I really feel like I had just wasted SO much money.

My main way of getting bargain Cartridge deals shifted to Online hunting from then on, although I do still occasionally find some good bargain Black Friday deals in stores…sometimes!

The problem with all of this Online searching around for the very lowest price for a particular Cartridge that I am looking to buy is that it just takes SO long.

I would rather spend that time being creative and actually using all of the cartridges that I buy!

I am a member of a few crafty Forums and a lot of people seemed to have the same problem.

So, I FINALLY have now got around to creating this Website to share with you all of the latest Cricut Cartridges on sale deals and prices that I find Online so that you don’t have to do all of that time-consuming hunting around for yourself.

Most of the best “sale” prices still tend to be from eBay merchants and individuals, but occasionally there are some good clearance sales that can be found from other places.

Wherever the BEST bargain is that I track down, I try to include it in the product listings at the end of the page for each particular Cartridge.

Anyway, that’s my story of how and why my little “Cricut Cartridges On Sale” website came to be and I really hope you enjoy and find useful some of the reviews, hints, and tips that I try to provide from my crafting travels and obviously hope you can pick up some super cheap Cricut Cartridge BARGAINS from my Site!

Happy “Cricut Cartridges on Sale” shopping!