Cars Cricut Cartridge

Cars Cricut Cartridge



Ok, let me start off by saying that the Cars Cricut Cartridge is probably NOT for everone.

However, if you have or design anything for boys, then this cart is an absolute gem of a must have.

I don’t think that there is anywhere on the planet that any boy under 10 years old hasn’t heard of and has a fascination for the numerous Disney Cars movies.

Oh…I forgot, boys are absolutely THRILLED to receive anything with these familiar, high quality fun characters on.

Their faces just make the money spent on this cartridge just SO worth while.  



Obviously the core reason to buy the Cricut Cars Cartridge is for the full selection of all of the different car characters from the Car movies.

The cartridge is a fully Disney licensed cart, which for you and me means tha the reproduced images are EXACTLY as you have seen on the big screen.

The detailing that you get is fantastic and you can see that from just looking at the picture of some of the characters that are contained on this cartridge.

Really for a movie themed cartridge, you really are not going to get any better.

Full variety and fantastic authentic details and reproduction.


Additional Elements

Besides the actual car images that come with this cartridge, you also get a number of phrases, icons and logos of some of the favorite Cars’ characters.

There is also a selection of complimentary vehicle type images such as road signs and the like.

This means that you can complete a whole variety of different “Cars” themed projects without needing to resort to any other cartridge.


Project Ideas and Inspiration

Cars Cricut Cartridge Project Idea 1

Cricut Cars Cartridge Project Idea 2

Cars Cricut Cartridge Project Idea 3

Cricut Cars Cartridge Project Idea 4

Cars Cricut Cartridge Project Idea 5


Creative Features

The Cars Cricut Cartridge comes with six creative features:

  • Body Layer
  • Tires Layer
  • Detail Layer
  • Spare Parts
  • Shadow
  • Spare Parts Blackout


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