Forever Young Cricut Cartridge

Forever Young Cricut Cartridge



Cricut summarize their Forever Young Cricut Cartridge as something for the youth of today and although that would be right I suppose, I think it is just so much more (and a little less) than that.

I would have classified this cartridge as “young women’s fashion” as it covers all of the fashionable elements that you could possibly imagine.

Note that the content of this cartridge is ONLY female oriented, so you wouldn’t want to buy it if you are looking for images of young men or associated accessories!

All in all, the Cricut Cartridge Forever Young provides a unique theme and set of images that are designed in a totally appropriate way with the individual images being so reusable across any number of different projects.

Best of all, this cartridge is one of those rare gems that you really can pick up at a bargain price.

You may have to bide you time a little bit, but I have FREQUENTLY seen this cartridge sold at $15 and below, which to me is an absolute steel for what you get and what you can use it for.



Forever Young Cricut Cartridge Images

There are loads…well 50 in total.

The images are really split into two different sections.

First there are those fanciful slender young women posing in different photo shoot ways and you get about 20 different poses to choose from.

Second is the FANTASTIC selection of women’s accessories.

The accessories are really cute and I love the way that practically everything has been included.

The most popular items, of course, include items such as handbags, clothing, sunglasses, hats, flowers, jewelry, shoes, gloves and make up items to name but a few.

Using the layer feature provides, as you would expect, the option to build up your final image in a 3D layered style, which is just so much nicer.



Cricut Cartridge Forever Young Phrases

For a predominantly image based cartridge, the Forever Young Cricut Cartridge also contains 50 phrases that are styled in a similar manner.

They are really a bonus, but the variety of phrases and the unique styling really does make them highly useable for a range of different items including some unique titles.


Emblems and Tags

Forever Young Cricut Cartridge Emblems

Cricut Cartridge Forever Young Tags

The emblem and tag creative features provide yet another unique and appropriate feature with this cartridge and once again there are loads to choose from.

I particularly like the tags and tend to use these the most, although some people will probably find a greater use for the emblem function.



I know that there are many people that buy this cartridge just for the selection of 3D purses and to be quite honest, I don’t blame them.

There is a great selection of purses to choose from and they can really be used for so many different items…and did I say that they are super cute?

These are my favorite part of this cartridge.


Ideas and Inspiration

Forever Young Cricut Cartridge Ideas 1

Cricut Cartridge Forever Young Ideas 2

Forever Young Cricut Cartridge Ideas 3

Cricut Cartridge Forever Young Ideas 4

Forever Young Cricut Cartridge Ideas 5

Cricut Cartridge Forever Young Ideas 6


Creative Features

There are six creative features included:

  • Layer
  • Tag
  • Emblem
  • Purse
  • Shadow
  • Word


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