Joys Of The Season Cricut Cartridge

Joys Of The Season Cricut Cartridge



In a nutshell, the Joys Of The Season Cricut cartridge is a core cartridge to be able to rely upon for the Christmas Holidays and more.

This cartridge contains a wide variety of wintery and Christmas images that are really nicely styled to give a pleasant balance between comical fun and overly serious.

The cartridge has a clever range of functions for this theme and contains card, tag and ornament functions that make making those endless stream of Christmas cards and tags a real joy!

There are a few select (and very well selected) set of phrases include, so that if you do have a short run of Christmas things to make, then you could easily get away with only using this one cartridge.



There are a total of 100 base images to feast upon with a lot of the ones that you would expect with this theme and then there are just so many that are not your typical images, but make such a nice complimentary image for a wintery theme.

If you do get stuck for inspiration then two minutes flicking through the Joy of the Season Cricut cartridge manual is bound to provide all of the inspiration that you need to get you back on your creative track.

Three of the functions give you access to the actual image cut outs allowing you to cut the main image, a background shape as well as additional layered image details.

The ornament function is really fun to use with kids.

Get your children involved in making the Christmas tree decorations and then hanging them on the actual tree.


Tags and Cards

Each of the image pages of the manual also allows you to select a card or tag function that will give you the appropriate (and corresponding image matching) card or gift tag.

The cards and tag range from pretty much standard shapes to much more interesting designs, so you could run a whole batch of unique designs off from the one cartridge.


Creative Features

The Cricut cartridge Joys of the Season has six creative features:

  • Ornament
  • Layers
  • Card
  • Tag
  • Shadow
  • Blackout


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