Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge

Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge



I know that there are several Disney Mickey cartridges available, but when I saw the title of this cartridge “Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge”, foolishly I presumed that it ONLY contained the Mickey styled font set.

Well…yes it does and the fonts are what make up the majority of the cartridge content.

However, it also has a couple of typical Mickey phrases, some easy cut gift tags (in addition to full font gift tags) and some head cuts for Mickey characters.

So, really if you get this one cartridge and are looking for creating some Mickey themed items, then you could (at a squeeze) not need to revert to any other cartridge for the remainder themed content.

Of course, if you want a greater set of Mickey images, I still recommend the Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge as THE best Mickey cartridge in terms of quality content, variety, reusability and getting real value for money.

Mickey Font Content

Mickey Font Letter F Handbook



This is a designated Cricut FONT cartridge and so contains the full font set in the typical and instantly chunky style of Disney Mickey Mouse.

There are upper and lower case letters included, special characters (such as question marks, exclamation marks, etc) and a full number set from 0 to 9 inclusive.

There isn’t really that much to say about the actual font that the Disney Mickey Font Cricut cartridge contains, except it is the PERFECT font to use with Mickey themed items as well as a super and complimentary fun style to use with any child’s item.

Kids seem to recognize the quirky styling and to be quite honest with you really sets up your creation in a fun look and feel, which is probably your intention if you are creating for kids or using this type of font style.

Of course, apart from very serious or sophisticated projects, this font is a great one to use with all sorts of other projects, particularly for all of those celebration items you make throughout the year.

By selecting one of the six compatible function keys gives each of the fonts a different style – so quick and easy to create the style that you want and cut and go.


Gift Tags

There are not many included, but you could think of their addition as a FREE bonus!

They are simple, easy and themed, so make great tags for kid’s gifts and all of those Christmas gift tags that you create.

Of course, the “Mickey Tag” function allows you to make any of the fonts into that specific gift tag cut.



Phrases include GRRRR, Oh Boy!, GAWRSH!, Oh My!, Hi There!, Aw Phooey!, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Disney.



Character cut outs include those for Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Minnie, Pluto, Daisy Duck and Donald Duck.


Mickey Project Ideas and Inspiration

Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge Project Idea 1

Disney Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge Project Idea 2

Mickey Mouse Font Cricut Cartridge Project Idea 3

Mickey Font Project Idea 3


Creative Features

There are six creative features:

  • Mickey Tag
  • Silhouette
  • Charm
  • End Caps
  • End Caps Shadow
  • Shadow


Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge For Sale Prices

I have watched over the last 6 months in particular how this popular and now limited stock cartridge has either turned up as consistently “sold out” in stores (both Online and offline) and how prices, where still available, have tended to creep increasingly higher.

There are, however, often times when I see several Mickey Font Cricut Cartridges on sale listings at “normal” prices and if you do see one of these in the listings below, then if I were you I would snap it up.

I anticipate that stock levels will continue to fall and prices continue to rise in the future…unfortunately.


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  1. I would also say that if, like me, you create a lot of things for kids, then the Mickey Font Cricut cartridge is a must have! Probably my most used cartridge of all the ones that I have.

  2. Totally agree with you Emma. Even though I only have 5 cartridges so far (poor me!) I make heaps of use out of my mickey font cart too.

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