Old West Cricut Cartridge

Old West Cricut Cartridge



I know that some people are not that keen on the Old West Cricut cartridge, but I love the Old West and cowboy theme and LOVE this cartridge…particularly as it is still the only one that offers a Wild West theme.

I am glad that Cricut didn’t take the “stingy” route and only include a selection of related images on this cartridge, as it would have caused me additional effort to hunt out a complimentary font and other little bits.

This is what makes this cartridge such a great themed cartridge.

It contains a GREAT selection of all of the typical Wild West images that you could imagine PLUS you get not one, not two, but THREE font styles to add the themed words and phrases with.

It just gives a really easy all in one cartridge to create themed items for anyone and everyone that loves this era as much as I do….ah they were the days…I’m feeling a bit old now!



There are three really clever styled fonts that you select by way of the function keys.

The “Flourish” function gives you a standard Wild West type font style.

The “Board” function gives you a wood type effect font style.

The “Rope” function…well gives you a rope style font.



With this FULL cartridge you get a full 50 images / icons to choose from.

These are not your below standard varieties that I HATE to see when I open up an increasing number of other cartridges, but these are GREAT and inspirational images to make all sorts of great creations with.

Whatever your gift receiver’s themed preference is, you can supersize that image as the focal point and then add some of the others as smaller elements to complete the Cowboy / Cowgirl scene (and of course splatter that Old West font title across).

Using the “Icon” function, you get access to the images which include hat, horses, cowboy, cowboy clothes, big buckled belt, bulls, scarf, camp fire, cards, coyote, water barrel, saloon, rifle, gun, wanted poster, wooden fence, lantern, water bottle, gloves, guitar, cowboy boots, stirrups, saddle, Stetson, rope / lasso, sheriff’s badges, cactus, wagon wheel, animal feed sacks, barns, stores, wagons, snake, rosettes, spittoon, banjo, wind mill and wooden box.



There are a few well chosen themed phrases that include lil cowpoke, ChowTime, Barbeque, Whoa, Giddyap, Cowgirl UP!, Happy Trails, Cowboy UP!, Place, Yee-Haw, Date, Time, To, From, You’re Invited, Adios, Country Girl, Outlaw, Pardner and Howdy. 


Project Ideas and Inspiration

Old West Cricut Cartridge Project Idea 1

Cricut Old West Cartridge Project Idea 1

Old West Cricut Cartridge Project Idea 1

Cricut Old West Cartridge Project Idea 1


Creative Features

There are six creative features that come with the Cricut Old West cartridge:

  • Board
  • Flourish
  • Rope
  • Shadow
  • Icon
  • Flourish Shadow


Cricut Old West Cartridge Sale Prices

This is one of those cartridges that you can pick up at a GREAT bargain price from time to time.

The vast majority of prices are at your excessive or normal levels, but if you do keep your eyes open, some real bargains are to be found as well.

So, if you do see one in the listings below, snap it up before it’s gone!


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  1. Love the horse on this cartridge! The first card is awesome.

  2. All of these cards are adorable. I must admit though, that I find I use the font on the Wild Card cart the most – I just love that Wild West styling.

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