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Opposites Attract Cricut Cartridge Review

The Opposites Attract Cricut Cartridge, created by expert Cecilia Harris is the perfect tool that can be used for both informal and formal artworks. With its soft, tranquil designs and hard-edged backgrounds, one can create the perfect combinations by using long, elegant scripts, and conversely, bold, thick letters.

Many Styles and Types Available to Apply Including but not Limited To:

  • Shadow
  • Opposite Shadow
  • Upright
  • Upright Round
  • Trapezoid
  • Opposite
  • And more.

So Many Supplies In One Box

When purchasing the Opposites Attract Cartridge, people will be amazed by how many supplies come wrapped inside that box.

    • First of all, aside from the cartridge itself, there is a keypad overlay with samples of all the beautiful fonts.
    • There is also a handbook and a binder that will make everything simpler and faster to understand.

opposites attract cricut cartridgeOnly the best can be expected from Cecelia Harris, who has loved reading and lettering since she was a child. Obsessed with calligraphy, she has turned into quite the craftsman by specializing in even cooking, stitching and sewing. The cartridge is a culmination of all her creativity and effort, and will not disappoint anyone who wishes to create their own art.

What makes the Opposites Attract Cartridge different from the rest?

First of all, it is the ideal tool for people who love to:

    • Scrapbook
    • Make cards
    • Or create anything with fancy, personalized font.

Opposites Attract enables all of these to happen with an easy push of a button. One simply needs to customize the fonts and background shapes they want to use, add effects (like a shadow, for example) and then print and cut the output produced. Therefore, instead of having to rush to a store all the time and pick from their selections of letters and styles, a scrapbook aficionado can eventually create his or her own, getting to have more control over the overall design of a page or a card.

Opposites Attract Cartridge will not Cheapen Scrapbooking

opposites attract cricut cartridge

Therefore, the next time someone needs a beautiful or creative font to finish off their home project, instead of wasting computer ink and printing overused fonts that everyone recognizes, a bit more creativity can lead to some perfectly-cut letters, both script, and print, with colorful, stylized backgrounds. Opposites Attract Cartridge was made for that purpose. The best part is that it will not cheapen scrapbooking (or any similar activity) in any way by making things too easy. It will simply provide a simpler, faster way to get the perfect letters one needs for their page.

Opposites Attract Projects

Any greeting card, invitation, letter, scrapbook page or sign will now be able to fit what the artist envisioned, thanks to Opposites Attract projects. Those who think that the process is too complicated need not worry; the cutting and printing is all done with a simple push of a few buttons. The manual is there to assist the artist, and all information can also be found on the official website. Purchase Opposites Attract today and enjoy the luxury of being able to create personalized fonts that everyone else will love! Those with creative minds will find everything worth it.

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