Walk in My Garden Cricut Cartridge

Walk In My Garden Cricut Cartridge Review

Calling All Flower Lovers

OK, this review of the Walk In My Garden Cricut Cartridge is going to be a little bias!

If you know me by now, you will know that my main “hobby” is really gardening and flowers…starting to see where this bias review is going???

For me the Walk In My Garden cartridge is an absolute dream!

This has really got to be THE best garden / flower themed cartridge that there is and you will absolutely spin with the practical set of creative features that it has incorporated.

I already have it…but for those of you that are thinking about buying this cartridge…then you will LOVE the fact that you can currently REGULARLY buy it at around the $15 mark…now that really is value for money for a perfect themed feature packed cartridge.


I need to be honest up front, because a number of people are looking for a “formal” and more delicate style of images around this theme.

The images (plus other elements) are less “formal”, but in my opinion in a style that just works so much better across a range of different projects, from cards to scrapbook covers to framed flower art and of course actual flower bouquets.

Not Limited to Just Flowers

The selection of images themselves are NOT limited to just flowers, although there is obviously a good selection of all of the most common types of flowers contained on this cart.

There are also so many more general gardening images such as flower pots, vases, watering cans, wheel barrow, etc.

Lovable Bugs and Creatures

The rest of the images on the Walk In My Garden cart are dedicated to all sorts of lovable bugs and creatures that you may find in your garden whilst strolling through.

I love these bugs and they are great for a variety of other projects where you just want to steal a great additional cut out for.

You should realize that you can’t just think of these images (particularly the flower ones) as cutouts to stick down on a flat surface as usual.

These cut outs can be creatively crafted into some absolutely stunning flower bouquets.


Signs with Phrases

OK, that’s the main set of images out of the way and those alone would be amply satisfying for us green fingered addicts out there.

However….there is more.

The cartridge also has cards, tags and border features which are mostly the same ideas as you would get with other cartridges, with obviously a different set image base to select from.

The bread tag is uniquely interesting, although I personally don’t know how to make “mass” use out of it….but I know my creative mind will pop one day with suitable inspiration.

Project ideas and Inspiration

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Creative Features

Full set of six creative features are included on the Cricut Walk In My Garden Cartridge:

  • Tag
  • Bread tag
  • Card
  • Shadow
  • Blackout
  • Border

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