Wedding Cricut Cartridge

Wedding Cricut Cartridge


Cricut Wedding Cartridges

Creating all sorts of gifts, cards and items based around weddings or wedding anniversaries is so popular, so it really isn’t surprising that so many of us crafting obsessed have at some time tried to do a Google search for “Cricut wedding cartridges” or “Cricut cartridges wedding” and if you are one of those like me, then you will soon realize that there are really ONLY two wedding carts:


There is also the Bridal Shower Cricut Cartridge, but that really is more bias towards showers and includes a range of images that may not really be entirely appropriate for the actual wedding day or an anniversary!

The Sweethearts cartridge also contains a number of appropriate images, but again not entirely wedding dedicated.



This Wedding Solutions Cricut cartridge contains a host of wedding themed images, tags, cards and invitations to use and the design style is especially good for this theme, in that it retains a sense of style and elegance to it without falling into overly formal.

If, like me, you do find yourself having a rush of wedding things to make during the peak wedding months as well as a number of anniversary items throughout the year, then you will find that the this Cricut Wedding cartridge will act as a real time saver and at the same time provide some really useable images in a highly appropriate style.



I must start of by saying that there AREN’T a HUGE range of images to choose from, but the ones that this cartridge does provide are really tightly focused on the wedding theme and pretty much cover all of the different requirements that you will probably need.

I would have liked to have seen a much greater range of similar images, so that at least I could mix and match the same image effect with actually different images, especially when I am duplicating a card or wedding item for different friends that might compare my creations behind my back!

The favored most used images include:

  • Bride and groom
  • Wedding dress
  • Groom outfit
  • Wedding rings
  • Top hat
  • Church
  • Cross
  • Hearts
  • Wedding slipper
  • Flower bouquet….and more


Gift Tags and Cards

There is a pretty decent selection of gift tags and cards to choose from that actually rival from a design perspective many dedicated tag and card cartridges that I have bought in the past.

I do find that I not only use these for wedding tags and card / invites, but also other general gift occasions as well.


Creative Features

There are two creative features included with this wedding themed cart:

  • Blackout
  • Shadow


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